Monday, November 19, 2007

A Day in the Studio

It’s the Holidays!!

“It’s a Monday!” That’s what we used to always say in the corporate world when everything was crazy and you were trying to get a million things done at once. Well, “It’s the holidays!” is the art business version of that.

It’s the same thing as every other day, but (x 50) on the days before Christmas. Orders are flooding in, painting is going on everywhere you look, sanding, sponging, glazing and boxes are shipping out. Everyone wants their items TODAY when they JUST ordered yesterday! Gimme a break! My elves (Carl Shown) are working their fingers to the bone, sometimes fueled on tivo and coffee alone, with no time to eat. No, I’m not a slave driver, some just choose not to stop long enough to chew.

Oh, did I mention flashbulbs going off? I have never ever been good at (well a lot of things) but taking pictures of the comings and goings of My Little Dish. Sad, but true! I don’t have much documented. Mainly because I always have crazy hair, pathetic looking clothes on or everything is a mess (typical). So I never let the hubby take any. Oh I have a few, like a million of all the defective prayer plates we received from the factories in China. OR the melted plates that ooze in my brand new $4,000 kiln. Not really what I want to remember!!!! So this holiday season will be full of snapshots – um good ones!

Then there are those mistakes that get made (Yep, this one is my doing). I logged in the wrong plate in our order log. Well the right plate, but reversed the colors. Why? Because I was in a rush and didn’t read the order correctly. It happens, more than I like to admit! So this cute little guy will get repainted with a blue background and my lucky little customer will end up getting two plates instead of one. I have no use for it. All the information is correct, just the wrong color. So I will send both plates to her in the event she ever breaks the good one.

Okay, I forgot to mention, crabbiness is going on!! Everywhere, bah humbug. It happens to the best of us I know. Even ME! But I can’t take it on a Monday. It just sets the mood for the rest of the week. There’s nothing worse than being in a good mood and someone is a big fat wet blanket! Husbands included. I try, try to make my Mondays good days, happy days, productive days, not lazy crazy, days. It really helps the rest of the week to move along quite nicely. Let’s see if I can make through to the new year with a bunch of Happy Mondays not Manic Mondays!


Amber S. said...

I hope your week is getting better!! Sounds like it's a busy holiday season for you already, which is crazy, but oh-so-good, right?
Have a great Thanksgiving!

The Hen said...

London, it sounds like a blast! Even that gooey plate is interesting...Happy Holidays!

michelle said...

I hope your Tuesday proves to be a better day! The oozing plate looks scary. Good ole China, boy do I know how that is. We still have certain items that we have to open up every single one and check to make sure it is correct and possibly fix. It's better now, maybe takes an employee a few hours a week compared to one employee about 25-30 hours per week.

London E said...

Thanks everyone. I guess I made it sound like all that happened in one day. Luckily it didn't. The melted plates were last year when I fired my brand new electric kiln and the bad shipment was even before that. I am scrounging for pictures of the business, guess I need to take some current ones. I'm loving all your blogs by the way! Thanks for reading :)

vanessa said...

Wow, that melted plate looks so sad! Best of luck during this crazy season!